Most popular beer brand in India

beer brand in india

Beer is the third widely drunk drink after tea & coffee & the world’s first most favourite alcoholic drink. Rest all other drinks don’t even come near to its vogue or amount consumed.

We have an extensive market of nicely red wines in India and some favourite white wines in India, but the beer always defeats any other alcoholic beverage.

There are many Imported as well as Indian Beer brands in Indian Market.

Best Beer Brand in India with Price

Kingfisher Premium Lager

Kingfisher is one of the finest beer brands in India & definitely most famous among beer enthusiasts.

There are different variants available in the market like the Kingfisher Premium, kingfisher Ultra & Kingfisher Blue catering to numerous people.

Since its start in 1978, Kingfisher has earned a huge fan following. Near about 36% of the entire beer market share in India.

Kingfisher Strong which the strongest beer with 8% alcohol content is the beer market boss in India. It is delicious & goes well with the rich Indian food. This is one of the most popular beer brand in India.

Variants Available


Kingfisher Beer Can – INR 100.00 ( 500 ML)
Kingfisher Lager Beer – INR 125.00 ( 650 ML)

Tuborg Strong Premium Beer

The brand title has an engaging story. It wasn’t called after a person but a little place, an inn, where people met up. It was held by Jonas Thues. So people began jokingly call it Thues Borg ( Borg in Danish means Castle) Thues borg after transformed into Tuborg!

If you like strong beer, this is for you. Tuborg has a stronger taste than other beer brands in the Indian market.

The lager beer is medium-bodied, refreshed & crisp flavour with a little bitterness at the end. It goes nicely with the Indian cuisine.

Variants Available


Tuborg Beer – INR 95.00 ( 500 ML)
Tuborg Strong – INR 120.00 ( 650 ML)

Budweiser Magnum Strong Beer

Adolphus Busch was a guy of vision. He travelled to America in 1857 from Germany to make his imagination come true. He desired to brew the best beer & conquer the American Beer Market.

Within no time, Budweiser achieved popularity not only in America but the globe over. With Adolphus’s devotion & business sense, it became one of the most famous beer brands internationally.

Budweiser beer is crisp & fragrant with a soft finish. The freshness of tastes makes it ideal for consumption in warm weather.

Variants Available


Budweiser Premium – INR 100.00 ( 350 ML)
Budweiser Magnum – INR 150.00 ( 650 ML)

Carlsberg Premium Beer

Carlsberg has a history of 200 years. The brand was founded in 1811 by Jacob Christian Jacobsen, the creator of Carlsberg. He brought over the business after his father’s death.

The brand was got global recognition in 1847 when it was raised in Great Britain & in 1868 the brand began exporting its goods in multiple nations.

Carlsberg is also mane competitor in the Indian Beer Market. With its pure & crisp flavour, it has kept its position among the beer fans. It is one of the leading beer brands in India.

Variants Available


Carlsberg Premium Beer – INR 160.00 ( 650 ML)
Carlsberg Elephant Strong Premium Beer – INR 110.00 ( 500 ML)

Heineken Lager Beer – INR 190.00

In its starting years, the brand achieves multiple awards like Medaille d’Or (Gold Medal) at the International Maritime Exhibition. As it gained popularity, It was exported to numerous countries.

It is just created with three Components Barley, Hops & Distilled water, giving it a unique taste that has been constant over the years.

Heineken is a pilsner styled Lager beer with a dark golden colour & mildly bitter taste. Its is also very popular beer brand in india among youngsters.

Variants Available


Heineken Beer – INR 190.00 ( 650 ML)

Corona Extra Beer – INR 280.00

If you are searching for a fresh & crisp beer, Corona is the best option! It is refreshingly flavourful & clean ideal for a day on the beach.

Since the spread of the Pandemic, People initiated associating corona beer with the pandemic. In a survey performed by a company, it was said that 38% of Americans said that they wouldn’t buy Corona beer anymore.

Yet, only 4% of the standard Corona Beer customers said they would quit drinking the beer post the Coronavirus Lockdown is finished.

Corona is a standard American light lager beer with little sweetness & just a touch of hops.

Variants Available


Corona Beer – INR 280.00 ( 355 ML)

Hoegaarden Beer – INR 250.00

Hoegaarden Beer is a good of Hoegaarden Brewery. It was founded in the 1800s. Now, 9 out of 10 breweries in Belgium are from Hoegaarden.

Like to experience the most flavourful & rich beer in India? Go for Hoegaarden Beer! It is now the most famous beer brands in India & a sure shot winner because of its exotic flavour.

Pick it for a brunch, barbeque setting or beach party, Hoegaarden Beer goes nicely with nearly all kinds of food. It is best consumed chilled with a slice of lemon to complete its flavours.

Variants Available


Hoegaarden Beer – INR 250.00 ( 330 ML)

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