Indian brand Simba Beer

Simba Beer

In three years, Delhi-based Simba Beer has grown to famous destinations like Goa, Bengaluru, and NCR, and it will shortly enter Mumbai.

India is serious about craft beer. Craft beer, usually produced by smaller, local players, has been growing in vogue for over a decade in India’s metro cities. For seasoned customers, consuming Saturdays or Sundays at Doolally and Independence Brewing Company in Pune, or Toit and Arbor Brewing Company in Bengaluru is the new standard. But it is hard for someone in Bengaluru to appreciate a mug of Pune-brewed Doolally beer as craft beer is rarely bottled and sold outside the city where they brew.

Yet, beer fans across the country can drink Simba craft beer. Simba is lunched by Prabhtej Singh Bhatia (27), who set up the brewery in Durg, Chhattisgarh. He has also established Kite, a fintech startup, and also acquired a fishery.

Simba is the product of rigorous research on top-quality beer. Our craft beer undergoes the complex process of utilising fresh water from a nearby river. Other beer firms usually use underground water.

When Simba was started in 2015, it was the only craft brewery in India whose beer was created for sale across the nation. Bira Another famous name in the Indian craft beer market was importing its beer from Belgium and bottling it in India. It soon observed suit and starts its brewing structures in India.

The essence of Simba Beer

They have spent months exploring for the best malts and hops, making testing batches to perfect the taste, and throw out all traditional knowledge. Simba also uses natural orange peels from the farms in Europe and oats and roasted barley to rich flavours in our Simba Wit beer. Also, their Stout has a touch of coffee and dark chocolate.

Simba has grown to famous destinations like Bengaluru, Goa, and NCR in three years, and it will soon enter Mumbai. Despite the development, Simba stays true to craft beer creation by making beer in small batches instead of producing it in bulk. 

This way, they can give sufficient concentration to the recipe of each beer. This approach also lets them keep better control over the beer quality without compromising on the taste.

Three things to know about beer startup Simba

1.The wheat beers cost at Rs 110 and Stout cost at Rs 150. Rs 35 is the initial price of this retail price – the rest goes in taxes and retail. Chhattisgarh is now its largest state by sale.

2. What presents his selection of the two variants? Wheat (wit) beer has appeared as the most famous variant in India. The darker Stout was a risk.

 There was a white room in the market because none of the beer startups, apart from microbreweries, sold a stout. It is now 15 per cent of overall sales, and founder says, it highlights that you can test in India. 

The founder is tight-lipped but indicates the company is in an R&D stage with other beer products.

3. Now for the essential thing: The company manufactures its plant in Bhilai in Chhattisgarh. This helps in quality control. The company also calls itself a “craft” brand. 

You can’t craft unless it’s your brewery, produced in smaller batches with unique ingredients, or separate. Simba has invested about Rs 60 crore in the manufacturer.

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