Bad Monkey Beer Brewed Rs 130 Cr Turnover in Just Two Years

Bad monkey beer

Rohan Khare has always been enthusiastic about drinks, especially Bad monkey beer. So it was not shocking when he chose to pursue a course at the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) right after finishing his graduation from Delhi University. He even served with alcohol brand Rock and Storm for three years as the Product Head.

Right through his journey, Rohan thought that a strong beer brand in the market that had texture and taste was missing. According to a report by Businesswire, surveys showed that Indians prefer strong (lager) Beer followed by Stout & Porters, Ale, Sahiti, wheat beer, and others.

With about 140 brands previously in the beer section including United Breweries, Budweiser, Carlsberg, Bira 91, etc., Rohan chose to jump into this market when he started Bad Monkey Beer in July 2018.

Brewing the Beer While the title might sound strange, it’s fascinating how the crew coined ‘Bad Monkey Beer.’ Rohan says that in the initial days of the business in 2018, many monkeys used to cause danger outside his Delhi office. One day, a person worried about their behavior blurted out “Bad Monkey!” This resonated with Rohan and that’s how the title came into reality.

The Beer is brewed in batches in its producing unit in Punjab. The raw materials are imported — while the malted barley comes from Europe, the hops come from North America. The water coming from the Himalayas is also utilised in the brewing method.

The company includes texture and quality as its USP. The company has a crew of qualified brewers. Moreover, every batch manufactured is tested in the company’s in-house lab, and internal systems ensure that the same form is replicated overall collections.

Overcoming challenges

In the Indian beer aspect Manufacturing and selling Beer in the Indian market is not an easy endeavour. This is the only most significant difficulty he has suffered as a ‘beerpreneur’. The market is regularly regulated and governed by the state governments to control consumption and pricing patterns better. This drives to addition in alcohol taxes, particularly excise duties.

Bad Monkey Beer began its journey by trading in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Today, it sells in Chhattisgarh and Uttarakhand, and even ships to Australia. The advantage of selling exceeding India lies in the fact that the market is much “more matured” and “regulations are not as difficult as in India”.

Reasons Why Bad Monkey Beer Is The Perfect

Homegrown Brew Which Embodies 'Vocal For Local'

Bad Monkey Beer is an entirely homegrown brand that helps you proactively practice self-reliance and is the perfect propagator of the campaign ‘vocal for local’. That means you’ll be supporting a brand that’s 100% desi this festive season and having a jolly good time with Bad Monkey, as well!

Strong Beer With 8% Alcohol Content

Bad Monkey is one of the more potent beers out there, claiming an alcohol percentage of 8% and above. This strong Beer is perfect for making those at-home bashes a joyful affair! Swill back this strong Beer and make the celebrations at home, all the merrier!

Made From The Finest Barley & Hops

Yes, this Beer has been painstakingly crafted with the choicest and finest barley & hops to get that perfect flavour which lingers on and doesn’t get overpowered with the high alcohol content. The beers are smooth, refreshing, and embody a gorgeous colour and quality that’ll surprise you all right from the first sip!

It's Stylish & Goes Perfectly With All Your Party Nibbles

Not only is this Beer superbly pleasing for your palate, but it also goes willingly well with all your party nibbles and bites. The cans come in these stylish packaging that is sure to attract all your guests’ attention, and we can say for sure that Beer tastes ten times better when celebrating with your buds!

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