Indian wine brands you must know about

Indian wine brands

India’s wine scene has grown from a few brands to almost a dozen market players. Wine is now an adventure—from support at luxe vineyards to wine tasting sessions, and there is so much more to just having the spirit over dinner. If you see to pick up a few bottles of vino for your next party, here are top Indian wine brands you can choose from.

7 Most popular Indian wine brands


Fratelli is viewed as a premium Indian wine brand with a large vineyard providing different varietals since 2009. “Maximum care is taken to provide the best quality grapes in our grapes to guarantee we make premium wines from India,” says Kapil Sekhri, Founder Director at Fratelli Wines. Most of their wines match well with Indian food, primarily Sangiovese red that goes great with biryani, and Chardonnay with grilled fish.

Fratelli Chenin Blanc
Fratelli Chenin Blanc


Sula Rasa Cabernet Sauvignon
Chenin Blanc Sula

Perhaps one of India’s most famous wine brands, Sula is also recognised for its yearly music festival and vineyard experience. Tells Karan Vasani, Senior Vice President & Chief Winemaker at Sula, “Our aim is not just to make great wine but to make great wine with least environmental Effect. With the most extensive range of wines at best prices, we are on a mission to make people and wine closer, one sip at a time.” He suggests the Dindori Shiraz as it pairs wonderfully with mutton preparations like laal maas and mutton rara gosht.


Originated by a couple who participate in their love for fine wines, KRSMA is created in small numbers to adhere to their high-quality patterns. The brand’s property is located in the rocky area of Hampi Hills, and the wines are matured in fine grain French oak barrels. The founders painstakingly see into every aspect of the winemaking method to assure that they are of the most excellent quality each time.

Big Banyan

Big Banyan Merlot
Big Banyan Merlot

“Established in 2007, we took in trees from all across the world, and the expertise of an Italian winemaker, Lucio Matricardi. On the outskirts of Bengaluru, the seeds of a new vision were planted, and Big Banyan Wines was born,” says Aeisha Sahni, Business Head at the brand. The wines given are of a single varietal with no blending. “The Big Banyan Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with flavourful Indian cuisine, particularly with tandoori chicken,” she says.


Rhythm Winery gives fruit wines utilising those belonging to India like mangoes, strawberries, peaches and more. Semi-sweet to taste, the product launched in 2012 and has been well-received, particularly in India’s hill stations. With 12% alcohol content, all of its fruit wines are light-bodied and are best to Drink chilled. Tells Vidita Mungi, Promoter at Rhythm Winery, “The idea behind making fruit wines was to produce wines from regionally grown fruit which is already available in plenty over the Indian subcontinent. The fruit wines are a combination of fermented fruit juice and grapes.”

Rhythm Alphonso
Rhythm Alphonso


Dia White Wine
White Sauvignon Blanc

Dia is India’s first sparkling wine that comes in red and white alternatives. Launched recently by Sula, this sub-brand is more moderate in alcohol content than bottled wine, and is ready in 330 ml can variants. Tells Rajeev Samant, CEO at Sula Vineyards, “Not just help, this drink ensures all things bubbly, light, and refreshing.” Dia is now only available in Goa and Maharashtra.

Grover Zampa

This brand’s journey started in the 1970s when Kanwal Grover visited some wineries in France and was used aback with the value of the winemaking method. It was only in 1992 that he started the first vineyard. Since then, Grover Zampa has started several award-winning varietals with grapes from two of its vineyards established in Nandi Hills and Nashik Valley.
Grover Zampa Insignia
Grover Zampa Insignia

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