Kingfisher Beer Price

Kingfisher Beer Price

Kingfisher beer was launched in 1978, and since then, it has received a huge market share. Kingfisher is an Indian beer fermented by United Breweries Group, Bangalore. One of the excellent, famous, and best beer brand in India. Kingfisher Beer Price In India Premium Lager – INR 140 for 650 ml. “King of good times” is the tagline of the kingfisher beer brand. It is also known for its wild advertisements. Kingfisher strong has more flavor than regular kingfisher premium. Kingfisher blue is marketed as a young and trendy strong beer. It has a very gentle watery flavor.

Good price and flavor make kingfisher the most widely consumed beer in India. Kingfisher beer price is reasonable in India as compared to other countries. It’s easily available everywhere. The alcohol content in kingfisher beer is 8%. Kingfisher beer is available in four formats – 330 ml, 650 ml, quart or half quart draught, and kegs. There are six types of kingfisher beer available in the market.

1) Kingfisher Premium

Price: Kingfisher Premium Lager for 650 ml Rs. 140
Alcohol content in kingfisher premium- 4.8%

Kingfisher premium first launched in 1857. Its well-settled distribution makes it easily available anywhere. Kingfisher premium beer has an uncommon clarity and enjoyable bitter taste. It is one of the gentle beer that will always make you have good vibes. Turn up the music and open up the kingfisher premium beer bottle and enjoy your good time. This brand will ensure that you always have great times.

2) Kingfisher Strong

Price: Kingfisher strong for 650 ml Rs. 145
Alcohol content in kingfisher strong- 8%

Kingfisher strong beer with international approval, kingfisher strong is identical with style, strength, and youthfulness. Kingfisher’s strong beer also has a pleasant bitter taste. This is accompanied by a primary malty sweetness. Kingfisher’s strong beer gives a unique and refreshing flavor.

3) Kingfisher Ultra

Price: For 330 ml Rs. 85
Alcohol content in kingfisher ultra- 4.8%

The newly added variation of kingfisher is kingfisher ultra. It is made from imported elements. Kingfisher Ultra is a superior choice in the beers brand. It gives you a good kick at any time of the day or night. Kingfisher ultra gives you good taste with no bitterness. If you are looking for a great experience, then you can stay on kingfisher ultra. You must try kingfisher ultra for a smooth and easy life.

4) Kingfisher Ultra max

Price: For 650 ml Rs 180
Alcohol content in kingfisher ultra max – 8%

Kingfisher ultra max beer has a stronger alcohol content. Kingfisher has expanded its beer brand by launching ultra max strong beer in the country. Ultra max is a strong and refreshing beverage. Kingfisher ultra max beer made from the thinnest Pilsen. Frankly, ultra max represents like its name “maximum taste with maximum life.” Ultra max is increasingly likable to the youth generation. If you are looking for royal taste, then you should try ultra max beer brands.

5) Kingfisher Storm

Price: For 550 ml Rs. 110
Alcohol Content in kingfisher storm- 8%

Kingfisher storm is a newly launched refreshing special beverage. It is made from thinnest imported malts that have a particular taste. It brings with a stylish, bold, and confident viewpoint. To live the swag life, choose kingfisher storm beer today. Kingfisher storm is the best beer to beer lovers from across the country. It is a strong beer with a smooth taste and easy to drink.

6) Kingfisher Buzz

Price: For 330 ml Rs 100
Alcohol content in kingfisher buzz: 5%

Kingfisher buzz is available in two palates berry and lychee. It comes in a 330 ml bottle. Today’s youth generation is continuously looking for numerous experiences and tastes when it comes to their choice of a liquor brand. This beverage gives you alcoholic malt with berry and lychee flavors. Kingfisher buzz is a great choice for the new age generation. Kingfisher buzz will make sure that you always have a good time. Add kingfisher blue to your cart now.

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